Our Story


“A journey begins in a moment"
-Fili Tualaulelei



In 2009 a 45 year old man sat down to help with his daughter's art project, at the end he not only found he liked drawing, but also that he was very good at it. He sharpied his design on a t-shirt and went about his week wearing his new-found talent. Within one day of wearing his t-shirt he was approached by both neighbors and strangers asking if he would print the shirts for them. Not knowing where it would lead him, he began a journey.

      Within a short time professional printers asked to alter his designs and mass produce it, but after much research and conversations he decided he wasn't going to quit here and hand off his designs. However, with little funds he wasn't able to buy a the proper machine. So, he made his own silk screen machine out of household items. And there in his garage, Tribal Edge was born; freehanded Polynesian art designed in Hawaii. 

Today, Tribal Edge shirts now are worn by all peoples, stretching beyond the Pacific throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. More than just a brand, Tribal Edge represents the diverse legacies of cultures, nations and people, and provokes that no one is ever too young or old, too rich or poor to begin a new journey and live out a legacy.

Tribal Edge Clothing is a family owned and operated clothing company based in the Pacific. All of our designs are drawn freehand and printed using a silkscreen process.